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FYI Rules & Guidelines

  • Participant may apply with the aim of presenting any story/concept/idea/script, which can be used to create content of any form; fiction or non-fiction on the medium of film, TV, animation or any existing digital platform.
  • The allocation of pitching slots would be based on a 'first come first serve' basis.
  • Participants to present their ideas directly to the respective producers/ commissioners/ studios/networks/publisher at Frame Your Idea. Presentation aids, if any required shall be arranged by the idea presenter/participant.
  • Panelists can choose to 'time out' a participant if the panelists feel they have already captured the essence of the pitch being made and do not need further elaboration or the idea being presented does not fit into their programming intention.
  • Participants may be required to sign Non disclosure agreements/release forms with the respective organizations they would be interested in pitching to.
  • It is strongly recommended that Idea/concept/story/screenplay owners ensure that their content is registered with relevant authorities for e.g. Screen Writers Association, prior to pitching it at Frame Your Idea.
  • FICCI will not be responsible for any kind of IP issues/disputes arising from the presentation of content ideas at Frame Your Idea, involving IP owners/ concept owners or the Producers/co-producers/commissioners/ studios/networks/publishers etc.
  • By Participating in Frame Your Idea participants of Frame Your Idea including idea owners/content owners as well as the producers/co-producers/commissioners/ studios/networks/publishers agree to indemnify FICCI, its partners, employees, officers and agents from any IPR related issues/claims. However in any case FICCI's financial liability will not exceed the registration fee paid by the participant of Frame your Idea.
  • If a participant is indisposed during the given time slot for any reason whatsoever, he/she may not be liable to be presented with another opportunity with the same panel unless the organisers deem otherwise.
  • The participant has to report at their designated counters at least 20 minutes prior to their allotted time slot. Failing which the organisers may provide the same slot to another participant.
  • The Participants are expected to maintain decorum during their interaction with the organisers and the panelists.
  • The organisers hold the right to disqualify and restrict participation of any candidate due to misconduct. Decision of the organisers would be final and binding.
  • Registration to be done in packs of '4 meeting slots’
  • Cost of each pack of 4 meeting slots is Rs 5000 only + 15% service tax
  • Minimum participant registration: 1 Meeting Pack (4 slots)
  • Maximum participant registration: 5 Meeting Packs (20 slots)
  • Participant will be asked to provide an 'Order of Preference' for all panelists in each category.
  • Choosing the order of preference does not guarantee meeting with the respective panelist.
  • Order of preference will be used as a marker while fixing up meetings on a 'first come first serve basis'.
  • Participants will be informed about the meetings slots by 18th March 2017.
  • Participants will be provided minimum 4 meeting slots with preferred production houses from the ones listed. (upon clearance from screening panel, in case of film applications)
  • Meeting schedules would be conveyed via email, by 18th March. These would be slotted by an automated system and would be non-transferable and non-negotiable.
  • A Schedule card will be handed over on the day of the meeting.
  • For Feature Film Category:
    • Applicants to submit a max 400 word synopsis about their idea, story or screenplay.
    • The synopsis will be subject to clearance by a screening panel set up jointly by Screen Writers association, Mumbai (SWA) & FICCI.
    • Decision of screening panel will be full & final.
    • In case the screening panel rejects an application, participant will be informed about the same via email and a full refund would be provided by the 7th of April 2017.
    • All meetings may not be allotted on the same day but will be fixed between March 21-March 23, 2017


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