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With 21 successful years of FICCI FRAMES (Asia's largest conference on business of Media & Entertainment) and 4 successful editions of Fast Track Digital in past, FICCI announces 5th Fast Track Digital on 25th November, 2020, to anchor discussions on the issues pertaining to VoD/OTT platforms.


The objectives of the event are to bring together policymakers, industry stakeholders & thought leaders involved in the Video on Demand (VoD) sector, to discuss the video industry ecosystem in India; address key issues such as the role of copyright, industry regulation, content protection, and monetization; showcase best practices of business models, technology and content offerings; and to analyze recent trends in VoD consumption patterns both globally and locally.



  • Content community
  • Policymakers across digital landscape of the country
  • Stakeholders of the media and entertainment sector
  • Filmmakers, Media & Entertainment Professionals
  • Technology Solution providers for VoD & Digital Platforms
  • Consumers of OTT
  • Digital media companies
  • Independent Production Executives

  • Script writers
  • Sales and Finance Agents
  • Marketing and Communications Specialists
  • Content Delivery Providers
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Audio and Video Equipment Providers
  • Data Storage and Web Portal Managers
  • Technology Providers
  • Country High Commissions and Consulates
  • Government Officials
  • Innovators


November 25, 2020 (Download Agenda)
 1030 – 1130 IST  Inaugural: The role of the digital economy to revitalize economic growth

The pandemic has hit the economy of country very badly & the growth rates are hovering in negatives. However. the digital entertainment market is evolving at a fast pace. As per the recent reports, the global OTT streaming industry is forecast to grow by an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 55% in 2020, amassing a total of $161.37 billion in revenue by the end of this year.
How important role would the digital economy play in revitalizing economic growth?

 1200 – 1300 IST  Digital India Copyright Act - Redefining the Future of Creative Works

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced M&E businesses to redefine and reset business models. The creative sector has embraced digital transformation and continues to offer customized quality content to consumers in a watch from home world. This phenomenon has created new challenges and opportunities for creators and copyright owners in a technology driven world. How can India redefine copyright law for a global digitized market?

 1500 – 1600 IST  Digital content regulation: Learning from best global practices

While films in India are required to follow certification rules and broadcasters of programs on television are required to adhere to the Program Code and the Advertising Code, video on demand services are currently free from overt censorship or an imposed regulatory code. There has been increased discussion on the question: Is there a need to regulate Digital Services? Or, is it too early to regulate? What are the global best practices that can be helpful to India’s vibrant VOD industry?

 1630 – 1730 IST

 Content, technology & business models: The future of digital services


OTT viewership is increasing, as is competition and consumer choice. With so many video on demand service providers in the market, the onus is on these service providers to engage their viewers, offer a unique selling proposition, and keep their viewers either subscribed or coming back for more. Both content & technology play important roles in this respect.

Similarly, these services need to offer up a robust business model. AVOD, SVOD, TVOD or a combination of offerings. Which models are most likely to sustain their business and survive in the long term in the Indian market?


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