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The present time is golden age for the South Korean content. South Korean culture pounced - offering the content that is more relatable than the content of other parts for Asian Population. The Korean Content offer a rich and pleasurable viewing. K-dramas also reflect worldwide social stresses that resonate with many younger generations.

AK Entertainment Co., Ltd

AK Entertainment is a specialized global contents company founded in 2005. We distribute Korean content including documentary, drama, entertainment, animation, and film to all over the world as well as introducing well-made foreign content to Korea. In addition, we started producing our own contents suitable for diverse media platforms from 2016.

JTBC Studios

JTBC Studios is the first fully integrated studio in Korea with a diversified yet streamlined content value chain.


Public Broadcaster in KOREA


PANDE Ltd. is a company that develops characters based on creativity to produce and distribute webtoons, web novels, animations, and videos. Produced animations and webtoons are recognized and exported in the global market. We are conducting TV series 2D animation planning, production, and character licensing business. We will be a company that presents happiness and dreams to everyone in the world.


SBS is the only private commercial broadcaster in the three biggest terrestrial TV stations in Korea. SBS is a proud leader in the media industry in Korea, creating, producing and broadcasting dramas, news, documentaries, variety shows and entertainment contents.

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